To create meaningful connections in our community through curated events and campaigns.



Provide value to our member clients through a network of individuals passionate about their business and seeking mutually beneficial relationships.

We've worked for over 10 years alongside small businesses and we saw a multitude of missed opportunities for revenue and customer growth due to lack of budget or expertise in marketing and events. Discovering these issues we decided to bring our expertise together in a way that better benefited our clients. 


The concept is simple, you tell us your goals and issues currently affecting your brand or business. We develop solutions through curated event and campaign ideas. Then you select a plan that best fits your needs, choosing to have us provide guidance all the way to full scale event and marketing management of the event. Another added benefit to our clients is attendee data. This helps you know your customer base better which can help lead to better product/service innovation and a clearer target market.


While we do ask for a deposit and small service fee, the majority of our services are paid through your unique event’s revenue. We set up this model because we believe the best relationships are mutually beneficial.




Our events have one main goal, to create meaningful connections. To help us achieve this goal we want to give back to our community through carefully crafted events. We not only rely on our database of attendees but also on the feedback of our clients and members in our network. This input helps us plan events that the community wants to be a part of because of the benefits we offer. It is our belief that a good event leaves you feeling motivated and passionate about pursuing your unique goals. 


Would you like to be part of our next event? We are always looking for new connections to collaborate with.

Learn more our upcoming events and how to get involved with us via Our Events page!